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The base of all our compost is biomass (plant) material which has been well composted and matured using an internationally approved method of Controlled Microbial Composting using the windrow method. It is weed and pathogen free due to the heat generated, which is a natural reaction during the composting process.

We use a percentage of sawdust, animal manure, alien vegetation and a range of plants and grasses to obtain the correct Carbon : Nitrogen Ratio.

This is an important ratio for the composting process to commence in a compost row.

To this we add Effective Micro organisms (EM) which is a blend of beneficial anaerobic microorganisms (already existing in nature) in a carbohydrate-rich liquid carrier.

When the compost is fully matured, the batch is sent to be analysed by Bemlab.

It has an excellent range of Macro and Micro nutrients and can be further customised to suit specific soil requirements.


Melton Compost:
Screened or unscreened available.

Melton Potting Soil:
A blend of Melton Compost, bark chip and river/filter sand to which we add Gypsum, Rock Phosphate, Bone Meal and Zeolite.
We test each batch for its water draining and holding abilities.

Melton Seedling Mix:
Peat Moss and Vermiculite, forms the bases of our growing medium, to which we add Bark Humus, Melton Compost, Filter Sand, Gypsum, Bone Meal and Epsom Salts.

Melton Soil Conditioner:

Our blend of Melton Compost and River Filter Sand for dressing and levelling lawns.

Melton Compost Mulch:
When we sift/screen the compost, the by product is our Compost Rich Mulch.

We sell our range of products in 40dm and cubic meter bags.

Clients are welcome to collect Bakkie loads of compost sieved or unsieved.

Our Seedling mix we sell per kilogram.

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