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Marcus Varoli purchased what is known today as Melton Farm in May 1990.

A Dairy was built on the farm and a Weaving Operation was started. The original ‘Spotti Cow” name was suggested by Mr Varoli’s daughter Steffi, upon seeing the Farm and the Cows from the air.

After many years the dairy was decommissioned and the equipment sold.
The Weaving operation supplied Mungo Designs, who eventually bought the plant from Mr Varoli, therefore closing ‘Spotti Cow’ as a company. However, Mungo Designs still uses the premises for their weaving operation, so the presence of weaving is still on the farm.

There is a large dam on the farm, which is fed from the Tsitsikamma Mountains. The dam was created as a result of the South African Roads Department creating a quarry to extract the “Sandstone” for the construction of the N2 as we know it today. This quarry was later flooded with water to form the Buffelsrivier Dam on Melton Farm.

After relocating on a permanent basis to Plettenberg Bay, Mr Varoli built and established a Sawmill. The need to remove the natural waste or by product of a sawmill, in the form of large quantities of sawdust, encouraged Mr Varoli to source an environmentally friendly solution to this problem. He researched and consulted with various Micro-Biologists and Biologists and together they formulated a recipe for Biomass Compost incorporating the sawdust.

Today, Melton Farm offers services to Land Owners in the form of Plot Clearing, Alien Clearing, Equipment Hire and Land Rehabilitation and produces valuable Organic Biomass Compost.

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